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POZ: Anarchistic camp for networking and chill-out in Eastgermany

16. června 2010 v 9:51 | wnfd |  Pozvánky
In the last two years, two unoffical anarchist gathering was realized. The
participants discussed different themes, hung out or just got to know each

This year we would like to arrange something similar, just a little bit
The Idea of the Camp

DIY or die! Huge, registered Camps are good and important, but it is
necessary to rent places according to the huge number of participants and
their needs.

The idea of this Camp is different. We won´t rent anything, its less about
workshops, lifestyle or music. It is about packing our backpacks and
spending time together in the forest, because we think that the personal
relationships to people is the key for good cooperation and the best
motivation for solidarity.
As well we would like to learn, e.g. how to organize small camps quickly
and how to get along in the nature.

When and Where?

July 2nd till 4th

The camp will take place in the Saxon Switzerland . The place was chosen
on the one hand because of its beautiful nature and good (transport)
conection to the czech republic. Another reason for this place is the fact
that it is an area where a lot of neonazi activities are noticed., so that
we think that this area should be used more often by anarchist or other
emancipatory groups in order to take them
(neonazis) their base of reproducing their ideology and to offer people
who live there another way of thinking.

We tell you the exact place after a short email to "anarchia [at] riseup
dot net" .

What should you bring/ Requirements/ Function of the camp

The camp will take place inside the forest quiet far away from the
village, that means that we propose to everybody to bring the following

Sleepingbag, sleeping pad, tent or awning
food and drinks for the time of your stay
rainproof clothes
first- aid kit
toilet paper
garbage bag
good mood :)

Sanitary facilities exist in terms of trees and a small river.

The distance from the village to the camp is about 3km long and includes

Since we will be in nature some things have to be consensus:

    * no plant or animals will be hurt or limited in any manner
    * fire will just be possible if the weather or other conditions will
allow it
    * we will avoid soil erosion
    * garbage will be taken home after the camp (eveybody takes his_her
own garbage)

Besides of this things, the camp is supposed to be a shelter, which means
that any physical and verbal offences won´t be tolerated and can lead to
an exclusion of the camp. We hope that all participants are so far in
their developement that those kind of inicdents won´t happen at all.

Important facts:

Since we won´t registrate the camp we might get problems with the forest
institution. As well as it is possible that we might get in touch with

Hope to see you in the woods ;-)

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